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Mountains, our fjord, the quiet and peaceful - 20 minutes from langnes airport

I always remember with great excitement, meeting local people when I visit different places in the world.  Having the pleasure of getting a small insight in how people live their everyday lives is precious to me. This is what we would like to give you, a chance of visiting our lives. To live our lives during the winter months of Tromsø. Take part in our days, being dependent on the weather conditions,  coping with all the snow, how we appreciate the Aurora, through months of no sun above the horizon and how we dress. We want to show you how we live in our arctic fjord. We want you to be a part of it. It is all about going local with the locals. 



Trans Alps Adventure

Go local

The art of shoveling snow

Our local coffeehouse and our beautiful fjord

Ersfjordbotn with home visits

our local coffeehouse and the perfect view
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We take a trip in Ersfjorbotn. We like you to get to know our fjord and meet the locals.

Roundtrip with housevisits

What is it like to live in the dark for 3 months?  How do we dress when we walk outside? Does everyone get headlamps for Christmas? We like to tell you about how it is to live here all year around, how we manage the dark and the constant sun. The tour will combine  contemporary life in the fjord, with the story about why we live like we do. We will pass the riverfall and the oldest house in the fjord, covered with fuelcans from the big German warship Tirpitz (lenke) that was bombed in the fjords of Tromsø at the end of WW2.

We walk as fast as the group prefer, and both children and old people can join the tour. We will stop for pictures at nice spots, carefully avoiding trespassing of private properties. Halfway there will be serving of my mothers traditional lefse along with a warm drink , at her cottage next to the renovated barn.


Tour and Stopovers

Go local with the locals

We want to create an atmosphere. We want to give you our lifestyle for a couple of hours. We want to invite you into our lives and into our homes. All our trips are easy to enjoy. Both for children, adult and elderly. 



Ersfjordbotn is a fjord 20 km from downtown Tromsø. in addition to mountains, sea, reindeers and cascading waterfall as its nearest neighbor, the fjord is also known for its vivid aurora in the polar night. 

People visiting Ersfjordbotn has increased dramatically in the recent years. The Arctic has one of the worlds most fragile nature. This part of the world is known for its small communities and changing seasons. It is important that we all do our best to take care of our fragile nature. 



The right to roam- Norway gives everyone the right to free access to our nature as long as you tread lightly. It is free, and it is very important part of our community and our heritage. It means everyone can walk the mountains, the forests and the oceans. A very important aspect of the right to roam is to take care of our nature, respect private property and other people. We don't leave anything in our nature after using it. We carry with us our trash and everything else when we are done with our trip. We don´t harm the trees, the rivers or the fragile environments that grow in our nature. Visiting our nature you are obligated to treat is as fragile as it is and help us take care of it for future generations. 


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